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Android Auto

As technology develops at an electric pace, digital integration continues to merge more aspects of our lives, increasing safety and efficiency.

The latest integration technology brings your phone to your car. Hyundai is the first automaker to launch this technology known as Android Auto on its production vehicles.

What exactly is Android Auto? This handy software application can be installed in your car's infotainment system to reduce driver distraction on the road. By connecting new software on your Hyundai model to an application on your Android-based smartphone, you will be able to access numerous voice-activated commands in your car.

For instance, drivers can access Google Maps, messaging, phone calling, and many popular music programs through voice and steering-wheel controls.

When it was first launched, Android Auto could only be installed on the 2015 Hyundai Sonata with Navigation-specifically the Sport, Eco, Limited, Sport 2.0T and Limited 2.0T models. As Hyundai's models continue to be updated, Android Auto will become available on more vehicles.

You can install the application yourself or take it in to our service department at Edmond Hyundai and our technicians will do it for you-for free.

The next time you purchase a new vehicle, considering buying a Hyundai with Android Auto capability. Not only will your drive be more convenient but much safer as well.