Get your emotions ready, Oklahoma. Hyundai made wishes come true for two football fans and their families when the company sent two pediatric cancer survivors to this year's Super Bowl in thanks to its charity, Hope on Wheels. 

Along with tickets and transportation to and from the game, the kids also each got a team jersey and a camera to document their amazing night. The kids, 11-year-old Eden Green and 16-year-old Cristian Beasley, were also put in charge of Hope on Wheels' social media, recording the events of the event through their eyes and posting for the world to see.

"Eden and Cristian are amazing kids, who have battled a very difficult disease. They represent courage and hope in the fight against pediatric cancer," Jerry Flannery, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor America, said. "In our 19th year at Hyundai Hope On Wheels, Hyundai wanted to leverage our amazing NFL sponsorship to bring more awareness about the importance of childhood cancer. Regardless of what team fans are routing for, we want more people to remember the kids and their families that fighting one of the biggest games of their own lives; and that is the fight against pediatric cancer."

Hyundai has always been a car company that prioritizes family and safety. This is shown both in their actions and in their vehicles, with several of their new car models winning numerous awards for safety and design in 2016. To learn more about the Hope on Wheels effort, visit our page