In Oklahoma and all around the world, this time of year is full of promise for the next. Everyone is deciding what they want to accomplish in the next 365 days that make up 2017. Resolutions abound, but how do you make resolutions become your reality? By taking the simple steps.

1. Make a choice
    There are so many choices for the things you can do this year. Eat right, gain or lose weight, quit a habit, pick up a habit, read more, keep up with vehicle maintenance on time... The possibilities are endless. But you are one person, so pick one resolution. That way you can make sure you keep the one that is most important. 

2. Create a master plan
    Whether you want to quit cold turkey, or you want to gradually build up strength, every resolution needs a plan to follow. Set benchmarks, and understand the path you are walking down before you even start. This makes for a more successful resolution. 

3. Get your dates in order
    Do you want to get your start before or after January 1? When should your goal be complete? Remember that you make these dates, and it is you who has to keep them, so make them comfortable, realistic and attainable for you.

4. Keep your eyes on the prize
    Especially if you have a resolution that takes time to achieve, you should keep yourself motivated by treating yourself when you hit benchmarks or do something significant for your resolution. Splurge on a new purse, eat a second piece of cake or whatever make you happy. It is wise to keep these treats in line with your resolution though. So, if you are trying to quit smoking, don't pat yourself on the back for a week of smokelessness with a cigarette. 

5. Understand that you're going to fail
    You are making this resolution for a reason, my fellow Oklahoman. This thing you're trying to do is difficult for you, so you're not going to be able to hit the ball out of the park on your first swing. You will need to accept your small hiccups as just that, and then continue moving toward your final goal. This is likely the most important tip of this blog. 

We hope these resolution tips help you achieve your goals in the coming year. We figured we would share our 2017 New Year resolution with you all for reading our article. This year, Edmond Hyundai hopes to make as many people in the Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore and Norman area happy with their car buying experience as possible. So, if your new year resolution or resolutions include getting a new or used car, truck or SUV, Edmond Hyundai's resolution is to be the very best dealership in Oklahoma. Come and give us a shot in 2017.